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Ever wanted an artificial skin phone case? Well, here you go.
22 Oct 2019

You think you’ve heard everything sometimes, but then you hear something that blows your mind all over again. Today is one of th...

22 Oct 2019

The new HTC Exodus 1s can run as a Full Bitcoin Node and will be able to validate and enable Bitcoin transactions without third-party ...

We Visit An E-Waste Recycling Facility To Find Out What Happens To Our Gadgets After They Die
21 Oct 2019
On an average, every person in India generates 6 kg of electronic waste in a year," claims Kiran Panchal. "And it's hi...
Blue Light From Your Phone, Laptop Screen Is Making You Old Faster Even If You Don
21 Oct 2019

New research reveals that the blue light that is emitted from our smartphones and computer screens are causing severe damage in brain ...

120 Km/Charge: New Electric Scooter Ensures You Reach Home Even If You Breakdown
18 Oct 2019

Worried about your two-wheeler breaking down on an isolated road? The Benling Aura Scooter lets you travel an additional 15 km at the ...

New Bajaj Chetak Electric Unveiled – 7 Things You Should Know
17 Oct 2019

The Chetak EV promises to offer a claimed range of 95 kilometres on a full charge, deliveries to commence from January 2020 onward

20 Cars From The Past That
16 Oct 2019
Ask any 90s kids, what was the first car their family owned?
Most of them would answer Maruti 8...
Dual screen nubia Z20 now available globally
15 Oct 2019

Unveiled back in August and on sale in China since then, the nubia Z20 is now officially available for purchase internationally. The d...

Chrome Now Let
11 Oct 2019
Google is testing the ability to send phone numbers from Chrome on your PC to your Android device.
India’s cheapest electric car launched! Tigor EV with 213 km range priced under Rs 10 lakh
10 Oct 2019
The previous iteration of the Tata Tigor Electric offered a range of just 142 km on a single charge. The new version, in addition to...
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